hair salon

The foundation for your weave is the start to an

exceptional weave. The sew in technique is  also very

important as it will not destroy your natural hair

when it is installed properly.Your  weave

should NOT be excessively tight or cause any

discomfort, this is a sign of an  improper installation, 

hence permanent hair loss can occur. 

Your natural hair and scalp is always my main concern,

this means "keeping it healthy".

We offer a variety of weaving techniques for different styles and problem

areas such as baldness or thinning hair. We aim to satisfy our clients with

quality service.

Your Weave Installation

​Please read entire page. Important Information

Today there are various reasons to wear hair extensions...
Below you will find a few.

To add length or to create volume to thin/fine hair
Bald spots/ Alopecia
Transitioning from relaxers to natural
To give your natural hair a break from heat and chemicals

To promote healthy hair growth
To try new trendy styles
For the ladies with long hair and do not want to cut it...try a short style, bob, layers etc.
Always wanted to try a new color or hi-lites... try a weave or add some pieces for fun
Special events...bring that added Glam; get the "X" Factor and be RED CARPET READY for any occasion
Just because/for the fun of it.

Whatever the reason, come to The Weave Factor, "Your #1 source for added glamour."
For those who's stylist may not do hair weaves and want weaves only (no cutting or styling)
we welcome you too.

Things to do and not do before your arrival and installation

of your hair weave...

DO shampoo your hair thoroughly
- DO condition your hair before you arrive.
- DO dry your hair completely.
- DO blow dry hair straight (especially natural hair)
- DO NOT put any oils in your hair. 
- DO NOT put any gels in your hair.

Tips on removing your hair: PLEASE READ!!!

Be sure to cut the thread only when removing hair from the foundation.
Once the hair is removed, start unbraiding the hair.
As you unbraid the hair, comb the braid out first before proceeding to the next braid. You may also spray the hair with a leave I  conditioner or water, this helps also to soften the hair while combing hair.
This is VERY IMPORTANT!!! You must do this to prevent hair from severely tangling and matting. If you take down the hair completely and then try to comb through it, it is going to be very difficult to do.
Also DO NOT take down without combing through, then shampoo your will most certainly have matted, tangled hair...

which may result in you having to cut your hair because of the severe matting.
Again, ALWAYS comb out each braid thouroughly before proceeding to the next. Do this until they are all combed out, then you may proceed to shampooing your hair. Gently shampoo hair and message your rough or virgorous shampooing, it can still tangle. Next, condition hair for atleast 15 minutes or more with a deep penetrating moisterizing conditioner. Comb through gently, then rinse. You may apply any leave in conditoners of your choice and proceed to style your hair.

THE WEAVE FACTOR strives to make your visit with us a memorable one; to get you in and out as quickly as possible, PLEASE  BE ON TIME AND COME PREPARED.

Note: If at anytime we feel your hair or scalp is NOT in good condition for any service, we will recommend you treat it first and visit us at a later time; your hair and scalp is our FIRST PRIORITY!

Due to limited seating, only the person being serviced is allowed.